25 Oct
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Photo reflections

The gardening season has wrapped up for the year. Now it is time to take a look back. While the Calgary Horticultural Society recommends gardeners be note-taking journalists, for many this just doesn’t happen. However, with the ease of phone...

14 Oct
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Unmasking the myths

It’s nearly time for Halloween. It’s the season of the year when tykes head door-to-door for their annual fall sugar rush, donning adorable costumes and outfits. However, it’s also the time of year when we’re reminded of frights and terrors. We all...

10 Oct

Black Dragon; The First-Born Son

Editor’s Note: This piece is the second detailing author Danny Mark’s struggle with the Black Dragon known as depression.It contains a very raw and vulnerable look discussing familial dynamics. Be advised.To say the least, my relationship with my father was...

2 Oct
Wellness & Healthy Aging

The power of silence

Recently I was reminded how important silence is to my well-being.My apartment faces a very busy street in Calgary and there are times when the roar of the traffic is almost deafening.From early morning to late at night, motorcycles, cars,...

27 Sep
Current Events

The next 50 years

I was asked the other day, what is Kerby Centre going to do differently in our next 50 years of operation? To answer that I would have to look far down the road, but I can assure you that in...

25 Sep

Hello New Adventures!

Hello New Adventures! Autumn is the season of change. It can also be a time of reflection and a time to plan for your future. What type of lifestyle would you like? More time to travel, perhaps meet new friends. Is...

30 Aug
Wellness & Healthy Aging

We love geraniums!

It feels like I just finished planting the last of my Pelargoniums. Well…I was still planting them on August 6. But that’s part of the beauty of Pelargoniums, commonly known as annual geraniums. They can hang out in their nursery...

28 Aug

Lightning struck

 Sprites, elves, and blue jets. Gnomes, trolls, pixies, blue starters, and upward super bolts! All the ingredients for a good fairy tale or — a bad storm!?! All of these are forms of high-altitude lightning, but the most dangerous for people...

22 Aug

Know your limit and invest within it

Understanding the level of risk you are willing and able to take with your investments is critical to your success as an investor. All investments come with some degree of risk; the higher the potential return of the investment, the...