26 Jun

The ironing board

Today’s the day, I can’t put it off any longer. I have to get that ironing done. With all the determination I could muster, I wrestled my ironing board out of the cupboard and dragged it into the living room. The...

25 Jun
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Bread is good for the soul

My fingers brushed against a single small packet of yeast that I had thrown in the back of the cupboard earlier this spring. My friend had placed the packet in my hand, looked at me with pity and suggested that...

24 Jun

Learning the language of cats

I have always been a dog person. There are fond memories in my mind of my grandma’s Doberman Pinscher — Czar — who, without fail, would take the spot beside my toddling form in a protective stance whenever a stranger was...

23 Jun
Current Events

Muslim seniors sew masks for charity

Although Seniors Week in June couldn’t be celebrated normally due to COVID-19 restrictions keeping folks indoors and distanced, some unstoppable seniors took the chance to work on charitable efforts to give back to the community. A group of Ismaili Muslim seniors...

15 Jun

Scams exploiting fears of older adults amid COVID-19

The pandemic has impacted lives around the world, including families across Alberta and especially seniors. The recent volatility of the markets, coupled with potentially lost retirement savings and social isolation, has created an environment of fear, uncertainty and vulnerability. Unfortunately,...

14 Jun

Tiny homes for Canada’s larger-than-life heroes

In November, on Remembrance Day, we remember those who have given their lives in service for Canada. Nevertheless, there are thousands of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) veterans who return after their service who struggle to find their way home. Calgary-based Homes...

9 Jun

Seeing Europe by boat

Seeing the European continent from a cruise ship is a very different experience. We booked our first cruise in 1988, and how the times have changed since then. When we were packing back then, we needed an extra suitcase just for...

6 Jun
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Reducing dementia risk factors

Independence is a trait we’re trained to value and take pride in at a young age. The first memories of going out for a sit-down meal or taking a ride with friends about town are cherished in many minds. Losing one’s...