6 Nov
Current Events

Kerby Centre bread market booming

There’s nothing better than a freshly baked loaf of bread. Crisp and fluffy, straight out of the oven, they are perfectly paired with a variety of condiments. This author loves a nice blackberry jam preserve with a generous slab of butter. Kerby...

5 Nov

A delightful day in Carburn park

Most of our world will not look back on this year with undiluted pleasure. I recall the Queen saying that the year 1992 was her “Annus Horribillis,” and well, that phrase certainly describes 2020. Having said that, are we not...

4 Nov
Wellness & Healthy Aging

A quiet month for gardening

November is one of the quietest months for a Calgary gardener. If the weather is nice, there some yard maintenance activities that can be done such as ensuring the eaves are cleared of leaves, applying mulch to perennial beds after...

28 Oct
Opinion | Wellness & Healthy Aging

You can’t imagine tomorrow

What will tomorrow bring? If you’re reading this, at least a few things can be assured. Probably snow, a little bit of sun if we’re lucky and the Maple Leafs won’t be doing well. A wise man once said that all we’re guaranteed...

26 Oct

Back-to-school financials

The air is crisp and the leaves are changing colour. While some things have stayed the same –  the end of summer and the start of school – others have drastically changed. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly impacted us in...

13 Oct

A great day on the Camino

The first time 70-year-old Ariana Rose Brackenbury walked the Camino de Santiago, there were times when she thought she wouldn’t be able to complete the 780 km trek. But in the end, the excruciating pain of black and blue toes,...

8 Oct
Current Events

Halloween histories

Normally when folks discuss wearing masks in the middle of fall, they tend to be talking about trick-or-treating. With COVID-19, however, we’ve entered an autumn filled with some spooks much scarier than ghosts, goblins or vampires. If you’re like me, you’ve always...

6 Oct

How to wake up

I’m a black coffee kind of guy. I remember being quite a bit younger and my gruff grandpa asking me if I’d like some coffee with my cream and sugar when I first started drinking the stuff, trying to drown out...

5 Oct
Current Events

An epidemic of isolation

A recently released report compiled by a Mount Royal University (MRU) student states that older adults in Calgary and the world over are facing an epidemic of isolation. Cindy Calderson, a nursing student at MRU, conducted interviews with elders and faculty...