28 Jul
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LGBTQA2S+ trailblazer honoured

The City of Calgary often honours famous locals by naming the various green spaces and parks located within after individuals. Lois Szabo is one of the latest people to have a space named for her. The Lois Szabo Commons is located...

8 Jul

Where has my mother gone?

The following is a work of short fiction.It is evening and my mother is missing. I do not know where she is. Someone else is here in her stead, but it is not her. I know my mother and this person is...

5 Jul
Current Events

Elder abuse rates rise over COVID-19

Elder abuse is not often talked about for the threat that exists to a vulnerable population in Canada and the world over. June 15 was marked as “World Elder Abuse Awareness Day,” and people are asked to wear purple to mark...

27 Jun

Confronting five cognitive biases

Money is a powerful tool in our day-to-day lives. There are various emotional connections and cognitive biases that impact how we spend, save, and invest our money. When it comes to investing, you perform the best when making informed decisions...

24 Jun
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Finding a Balance with Qigong

What is qigong (pronounced Chi-gong)? Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice of meditation and movements used to balance your body’s energy. The practice of qigong works to activate acupressure points, meridian points and organ systems through general or targeted movements,...

22 Jun
Current Events

A summer of support

We are excited to have the opportunity to support older adults in Alberta, outside of the city of Calgary. Our team has been working with the staff at the City of Medicine Hat for the past few months. We’re creating...

10 Jun
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Pandemic’s impact on dementia caregivers

COVID-19 sent the lives of every Albertan into upheaval. But a recent study performed by the University of Calgary has revealed the extra burden that was placed on those caregiving for people living with dementia. The findings report a significant increase in...

3 Jun
Wellness & Healthy Aging

What we can learn through disagreements

You don’t have to venture far to find a difference in opinions. It’s everywhere. You may have found yourself having disagreements with loved ones, friends, co-workers and even those elected to lead us. Often disagreements are viewed in a negative light,...

1 Jun
Current Events | Featured

The music of my generation

Recently during one of PBS’s pledge drives, they featured one of my very favourite performers: Perry Como. As I sat watching and enjoying the music a feeling of nostalgia came over me. I fell in love with this music in...