14 Aug
Wellness & Healthy Aging

New guide helps seniors age with pride

No one ever said getting older was easy. However, a new guide released by the Ministry of Seniors and Housing is aimed at seniors’ groups and non-profits aims to ensure that identifying as LGBTQ2S+ doesn’t make the process any harder. Entitled “Aging...

12 Aug
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Self Care with Epsom salts

Those of you that know me are likely well aware of my love of Epsom salts. Often when I have a student ask me about managing my chronic pain, you’ll hear me sing praises of its benefits and the many...

10 Aug

Our most precious water

Water, without a doubt, is the most important element on our planet. It is transparent, has no taste and is made up of the most abundant elements in our universe. Two Hydrogen molecules and one Oxygen molecule join together to...

7 Aug

86-year-old YouTuber teaches Italian cuisine

It’s very easy to get the feeling that Mariano Trivelin doesn’t measure to the milliliter, in some calculated fashion like other chefs you could watch at home. In the 86-year-old’s video on how to make homemade gnocchi pasta, he takes a...

6 Aug
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Knowing the past, planning the future

Why keep a garden journal? For the past couple of springs, I have heard gardeners’ comment about the late starts of perennials. However, when I look at pictures that I’ve captured of noteworthy plants this year and last, they are emerging...

4 Aug
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Learn the ukulele at any age

I’m holding my ukulele as my fingers awkwardly strum a rhythm pattern. It’s a combination of up strumming and down strumming while changing between the A minor and G chord. I’ve taken a few lessons in the past. Lately, I’ve...

29 Jul

Five Steps to Manage Financial Stress

We are living in challenging times and every day Albertans face the unprecedented combination of economic uncertainty, ongoing COVID-19 dangers, volatile stock markets, a shaky job market and rising costs of living expenses. In a recent national poll by FP Canada,...

14 Jul

Sunny weather, at last!

Finally, a warm and sunny morning. It won’t be long before the trees will be in bloom. The bushes are already happily showing off their baby leaves which burst their buds overnight. The trees have a shade of green about...