Unison, for Generations 50+, is an employer of choice

Photo by Unison, for Generations 50+

Last month we were informed that Unison for Generations 50+ was one of 22 organizations in Canada to be named a Canadian Nonprofit Employer of Choice Award recipient.

Our leadership has worked very hard to enhance the culture within our organization, so we are very proud to receive this recognition. At first blush winning this award may not seem like a big benefit for the readers of this paper or our members in Calgary or Medicine Hat.

Our leadership team has been very purposeful in several culture-building policies and practices, but in addition to this, our team often talks about unleashing innovation within our staff group.

We have purposefully encouraged and nurtured innovation of programs, courses, and classes to benefit our members.

This innovation has led to new and improved offerings for our members.
For most of our members, personal finance, budgeting, planning for retirement or planning for their heirs are all important topics of concern.

These topics have been areas that we have focused on as areas to create new offerings.
You will see in this paper, our website and on our social media channels that our staff are creating new offerings- in person in our centres and online to help our members stay informed on these important topics. We are also drawing on the support of some of our partners who are subject-area leaders in these areas.

I know that these new courses have been popular they fill up quickly whether they are held in person at Veiner Centre or Kerby Centre or held online on Zoom. We would love to see you at one of our centres for these finance classes and courses.

If you don’t live in Calgary or Medicine Hat, we would love it if you signed up for one of our Zoom courses. There is also one more option for you, our online courses are now being recorded and you will be able to find them on our YouTube channel.

You can find them by searching Unison for Generations 50+ on YouTube.