6 Mar

Seniors tax tips

Seniors: We’ve got tips to help you this tax season! As a senior, here are some of the most common things that you could claim on your income tax and benefit return at tax time: Pension income splitting – As a pensioner,...

24 Feb
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Facts about hearing loss

Did you know that nearly 50 per cent of Canadians have hearing loss that affects their ability to hear speech properly? Unfortunately, only 25 per cent of these people have done something to take care of their hearing issues.  WHY?: People...

9 Feb

Antipsychotics may offer an option to treat diabetes

Researchers have found that a class of older antipsychotic drugs could be a promising new therapeutic option for people with Type 2 diabetes, helping fill a need among patients who aren’t able to take other currently available treatments. “There is a...

1 Feb
Featured | Opinion

Rebuilding Notre Dame Cathedral

Recently I watched a documentary about the rebuilding of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Hard to believe that almost four years have passed since the fire almost destroyed that treasured icon. I remembered how I cried as I watched with...

31 Jan
Current Events | Money

Love in a dangerous (online) time

Love may be in the air in February but so too is, unfortunately, potential danger. In 2021, Better Business Bureaus (BBBs) across North America received 276 reports of romance scams. One romance scam in the Calgary area (not a senior) resulted...

29 Jan
Current Events

Becoming a genealogist

In the 1970s, my brother-in-law showed me a family tree he had created simply by writing down — using lines and squares — his immediate family and extending each line. This intrigued me. My first wife was from Prince Edward Island,...

26 Jan
Featured | Wellness & Healthy Aging

What is your love language?

When we find and connect with people the world becomes less lonely and empty. Sometimes it can feel like we are doing all the right things to connect with someone but still aren’t connecting. This could be because we aren’t using...