1 Dec

Addressing conflicts of interest in adviser-client relationships

Many Albertans work with a registered adviser to grow and maintain their wealth. To achieve the best results, clients must be open and transparent about their finances and goals and in turn, registered advisers must align investment portfolios and products...

23 Nov

Sticking to your investing goals through the holidays

As the holidays approach, many Albertans are overwhelmed by the costs associated with the season. According to PwC’s Canadian Holiday Outlook, Canadians expect to spend on average $1,402 on the holidays, an increase of 29 per cent over last year....

4 Nov
Current Events | Wellness & Healthy Aging

Falls prevention

The healthcare system still has its hands full with the COVID-19 response, which means having an injurious winter fall could not come at a worse time. Falls are the number one reason cause of emergency room visits for older adults in...

27 Oct

How to conduct fundamental analysis and invest wisely

Relying on social media platforms, self-proclaimed investing gurus and online forums for investing recommendations can be disastrous. Whether you’re assessing the potential of a company or analyzing your existing portfolio, fundamental analysis is the best barometer for gauging the true...

13 Oct

The ringing of the bells

It is not known exactly when or where the bell was invented, however, bells have been with us for millennia. One of the oldest bells discovered so far is a clay bell and is thought to be over 3000 years...

5 Oct
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Reflections on a Growing Season

It was another atypical gardening season with a lot of planting being driven by what was on hand. To ensure I had seeds, they were ordered online in the fall. The spring plant browsing at the garden centre didn’t happen....

30 Sep
Current Events

Truth and Reconciliation, questions and answers

The following article deals with frank discussion of the experiences of residential schools and their survivors and may be distressing. The residential schools crisis line is available 24 hours a day for anyone experiencing pain or distress as a result...

29 Sep

Kicking off the school year with RESPs

With the new school year kicking off and kids headed to classrooms, now is a great time to start thinking about how prepared you are for their future education. While it may seem far away, planning for your child or...