23 Sep

Day Trading – Not for the faint of heart

The number of novice investors day trading has surged during the coronavirus pandemic. People stuck at home have turned to playing the stock market on trading platforms with the hopes of big returns on their investments. While it has made...

18 Sep
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Auditory issues and mask-wearing

Masks are quickly becoming part of the new normal as more cities are encouraging and legislating their use to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, there are some hidden drawbacks in addition to the slight discomfort and extra heat of...

7 Sep
Wellness & Healthy Aging

The magic of Forest Bathing

As I sit down to write, I am enjoying a beautiful, hot, sunny summer day on my patio, surrounded by several huge pine trees that are well over 50 years old and a wide variety of roses, petunias and daylilies...

3 Sep
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Finding joy in dancing!

These days, joining a Zumba exercise class online has become a daily joy for 61-year-old Susan San Agustin. She can participate in classes with some of her favourite instructors from anywhere in her house – the living room, her bedroom...

14 Aug
Wellness & Healthy Aging

New guide helps seniors age with pride

No one ever said getting older was easy. However, a new guide released by the Ministry of Seniors and Housing is aimed at seniors’ groups and non-profits aims to ensure that identifying as LGBTQ2S+ doesn’t make the process any harder. Entitled “Aging...

12 Aug
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Self Care with Epsom salts

Those of you that know me are likely well aware of my love of Epsom salts. Often when I have a student ask me about managing my chronic pain, you’ll hear me sing praises of its benefits and the many...