13 Oct

A great day on the Camino

The first time 70-year-old Ariana Rose Brackenbury walked the Camino de Santiago, there were times when she thought she wouldn’t be able to complete the 780 km trek. But in the end, the excruciating pain of black and blue toes,...

9 Sep

The town that changed Alberta

The small town of Turner Valley, just 63 kilometres southwest of Calgary, has a history steeped in the petroleum industry, with the development of Canada’s first commercial oilfield that triggered Alberta’s first oil boom in 1914. This is a historical look...

26 Aug

The longest journey

Just like many others before us, one day we left home to improve our lives. The reasons vary. It is usually either for religious, political, wars or penury reasons, but the result is the same. We didn’t know that by...

7 Aug

86-year-old YouTuber teaches Italian cuisine

It’s very easy to get the feeling that Mariano Trivelin doesn’t measure to the milliliter, in some calculated fashion like other chefs you could watch at home. In the 86-year-old’s video on how to make homemade gnocchi pasta, he takes a...

14 Jul

Sunny weather, at last!

Finally, a warm and sunny morning. It won’t be long before the trees will be in bloom. The bushes are already happily showing off their baby leaves which burst their buds overnight. The trees have a shade of green about...

8 Jul

The Purveyors of Possibilities

It’s a Saturday morning with crisp June air, just cold enough that you can see the steam coming off of paper cups of coffee, held in hands by folks sitting in hard plastic chairs on a cold concrete driveway. They are...

7 Jul

It’s not the size of the trailer

The rain was coming down hard. My family and I were warm and dry in our 1973 Scamper trailer. We were enjoying our annual camping/gold panning trip to the Cariboo region in B.C. My daughters, six and nine-years-old, were stretched...

26 Jun

The ironing board

Today’s the day, I can’t put it off any longer. I have to get that ironing done. With all the determination I could muster, I wrestled my ironing board out of the cupboard and dragged it into the living room. The...

14 Jun

Tiny homes for Canada’s larger-than-life heroes

In November, on Remembrance Day, we remember those who have given their lives in service for Canada. Nevertheless, there are thousands of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) veterans who return after their service who struggle to find their way home. Calgary-based Homes...

9 Jun

Seeing Europe by boat

Seeing the European continent from a cruise ship is a very different experience. We booked our first cruise in 1988, and how the times have changed since then. When we were packing back then, we needed an extra suitcase just for...