28 Mar

When Everything Changed for Me

During 1957, the world experienced many important events. There was the conflict over the Suez Canal which caused the formation of the UNEF Peacekeepers. Russia launched Sputnik which began our venture into space. We even experienced a pandemic known as...

28 Mar
Current Events | Featured

Kerby Centre welcomes new board member

Kerby Centre is excited to announce that Gordon Nott of Medicine Hat has officially joined its board of directors Nott’s brings with him not only a wealth of experience in volunteering, non-profit work and seniors advocacy but also a local perspective...

28 Mar
Current Events | Featured

Sending Sunshine with handwritten cards

Let’s be frank: 90 per cent of the mail one receives is pretty boring stuff. It’s bills, invoices, random political flyers or business coupons. But whenever you receive an actual, addressed letter with words from a friend, it’s something to treasure. With...

9 Mar
Featured | Wellness & Healthy Aging

Cycling with the Old Spokes

It’s a fact one of the most important parts of continued wellness at any age is a level of physical activity.But not only does Calgary’s cold winters make that more difficult, the barrier to entry for anyone starting out feels...

6 Jan

España por siempre

Driving east from Portugal I am nearing the Spanish border, nervous about what awaits me. The closer it is the faster I drive to get it over with. Will I need to prove my vaccinations? Will the flimsy documents I...

23 Dec
Featured | Opinion

We’re supported by folks like you

Two years ago, we thought of Kerby Centre as a place that offered programs and services for older adults. Then March 2020 was upon us and we had to close down Kerby Centre. For almost 50 years, 100 per cent of the...