3 May
Featured | Opinion

Time after time after time

I was standing in front of my microwave, watching my cup going round and round and wishing it would take less time to heat my coffee.As I stood there, I began to help the machine count the seconds down to...

29 Apr
Featured | Money

When is the best time to move?

The real estate market typically heats up during the spring months. In the past, this means more buyers are looking to purchase properties. But wait a minute! Everyone’s situation is unique. Not all homeowners or home buyers pick the spring...

11 Apr

Wedding rings

Recently I had reason to contemplate the meaning of wedding rings. For many centuries the ring has become a symbol of a lifelong commitment made between married couples. The ring, or circle, is the most perfect shape there is. When...

6 Apr

Coming to Canada

My first impression was from the airport: I was respectfully treated although it was at the height of insecurity worldwide, particularly in that part of the country and the USA, in my early 50s. My suitcases were not searched either was...

3 Apr

The story of Emily Spencer Kerby

While the name Kerby in Calgary brings to mind the bespectacled, white-haired Reverend George Kerby, few remember the contributions of Emily Spencer Kerby, Reverend Kerby’s wife, support, and equal in faith, energy, and intelligence. Emily Spencer was born in Toronto to...

8 Mar

Growing begonias

Do you have a dappled shade area in your garden that could use a splash of colour? Then consider growing begonias. The two most common begonias used in Calgary gardens are wax begonias (Begonia semperflorens) and tuberous begonias (Begonia ×...

13 Feb
Featured | Wellness & Healthy Aging

Caring for your houseplants

While you have the potting mix out to start those long-season seeds like wax begonias, pansies, and onions, take some time to repot your houseplants. This month changes in sunlight levels are significant. The sun is moving higher in the...

1 Feb
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Rebuilding Notre Dame Cathedral

Recently I watched a documentary about the rebuilding of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Hard to believe that almost four years have passed since the fire almost destroyed that treasured icon. I remembered how I cried as I watched with...

26 Jan
Featured | Wellness & Healthy Aging

What is your love language?

When we find and connect with people the world becomes less lonely and empty. Sometimes it can feel like we are doing all the right things to connect with someone but still aren’t connecting. This could be because we aren’t using...