29 Sep

On the hunt for trolls in Denmark

In April 2022, we travelled to Denmark with the intent of learning more about my Danish heritage (my maiden name was Johansen) My father came from Haderslev, about one hour from the German border, and after graduating from Agriculture College,...

29 Aug

A letter in the mail

As I reach into the compartmentalized slot of the postal box, one of 50 other compartments with keyed doors, I have a flash from the past of a time when mail was personally delivered to the mailbox right outside the...

26 Aug

Bonnie the Cat

She had been an abandoned cat living in a shelter. Being an orphan with an uncertain future must be very stressful even for an animal! Then she was picked up by our daughter who lives in a two bedroom condo,...

25 Aug

I am not an athlete

I am not an athlete.I’m what you might call an indoor kid. The most exercise I get is from throwing dice during a particularly raucous board game.And yet I found myself at the Kerby Centre Charity Classic, rental clubs in...

25 Aug

Living well and eating better

On July 5, the menu is a tangy citrus chicken, with herbed potatoes, buttermilk pasta salad and a summer slaw. The folks in the kitchen need to work hard: there are 100 meals of these to make and eventually deliver. Over...

27 Jul

Family: our first and most important connection

I have been watching the news showing Ukrainian families fleeing their homeland. Fear and uncertainty are written on their faces. Where will they go? How will they live? Which country will take them in? Most importantly, will they ever be able to...

13 Jul
Current Events | Featured

Wandering Through Butchart Gardens

As I get older I find myself enjoying flowers more than ever before. I’ve always had a penchant for peonies, but now I even enjoy the first tulips that start popping up in the spring, why is it I’ve never...