3 Dec
Wellness & Healthy Aging

How to enjoy a solo holiday

We all have incredible memories of joining as family and friends over the holiday season for celebrations big and small.

However, whether circumstance or bad luck, sometimes getting together with others isn’t possible.

That doesn’t mean your holidays are ruined by any...

4 Nov
Current Events | Wellness & Healthy Aging

Falls prevention

The healthcare system still has its hands full with the COVID-19 response, which means having an injurious winter fall could not come at a worse time.

Falls are the number one reason cause of emergency room visits for older adults in...

5 Oct
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Reflections on a Growing Season

It was another atypical gardening season with a lot of planting being driven by what was on hand. To ensure I had seeds, they were ordered online in the fall. The spring plant browsing at the garden centre didn’t happen....

13 Sep
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Danger of addiction in older adults

Substance abuse is an often neglected topic when it comes to older adults.

When we think of something like alcoholism, we might imagine a young individual participating in binge drinking in post-secondary institutions or while managing a high-stress job.

But substance dependency...

27 Aug
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Can cannabis help with arthritis?

An interdisciplinary team of researchers at the University of Alberta will develop a cannabis use decision tool for the estimated 20 per cent of Canadians who live with arthritis, thanks to a $300,000 award from Alberta Innovates.

People with arthritis are...