17 Apr
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Start your engines!

Gardeners, we are finally in the homestretch. I have been telling the overwintering plants for months to “hang in there” and “soon you’ll get to move outside” (yes, I talk to my plants). Well, now it is true. If the...

24 Feb
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Facts about hearing loss

Did you know that nearly 50 per cent of Canadians have hearing loss that affects their ability to hear speech properly? Unfortunately, only 25 per cent of these people have done something to take care of their hearing issues.  WHY?: People...

13 Feb
Featured | Wellness & Healthy Aging

Caring for your houseplants

While you have the potting mix out to start those long-season seeds like wax begonias, pansies, and onions, take some time to repot your houseplants. This month changes in sunlight levels are significant. The sun is moving higher in the...