31 Jan
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Love in a dangerous (online) time

Love may be in the air in February but so too is, unfortunately, potential danger.

In 2021, Better Business Bureaus (BBBs) across North America received 276 reports of romance scams. One romance scam in the Calgary area (not a senior) resulted...

29 Jan
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Becoming a genealogist

In the 1970s, my brother-in-law showed me a family tree he had created simply by writing down — using lines and squares — his immediate family and extending each line. This intrigued me.

My first wife was from Prince Edward Island,...

25 Aug
Current Events

Preparing for the Kerby Expo

By the time this article goes to print our team should have finished working on the Kerby Centre Charity Classic — and we should be well on our way to planning our next event: the Seniors Expo.The Expo is a...

27 Jul
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The impact of inflation on seniors

This week I did an interview with the Business Editor at the Canadian Press, about the impact of inflation on seniors. Here at Veiner and Kerby Centre, we are very concerned about how inflation is affecting seniors of all income...

13 Jul
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Wandering Through Butchart Gardens

As I get older I find myself enjoying flowers more than ever before. I’ve always had a penchant for peonies, but now I even enjoy the first tulips that start popping up in the spring, why is it I’ve never...

28 Jun
Current Events

Come play golf to support Kerby Centre

Our 2nd Annual Kerby Centre Charity Classic Golf Tournament is fast approaching and we’re really thrilled with all aspects of its planning.

When we locked down back in 2020, our team started to grapple with the financial challenges that came with...

24 May
Current Events

Celebrating Seniors’ Week

Alberta Seniors’ week takes place between June 6 to 12 this year and we’re ready to celebrate it in a variety of ways.

Seniors’ Week has been recognized since 1986 to celebrate and recognize the contributions seniors make to enhance the...