Why you need to be at our Seniors’ Expo

Photo by Unison, for Generations 50+

At Unison, we’re constantly hearing questions from our senior population: Where can I find affordable senior housing in Calgary? What senior’s benefits am I entitled to? How can seniors keep active? What are the best services and organizations to help seniors out?

And those are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many questions out there, and while we’re great at pointing people in the right direction, wouldn’t it be ideal if we had all the answers, all the people to talk to, all the organizations to assist — all in one place?

Well of course we do! We’re Unison! And that’s why every year, Unison, for Generations 50+, hosts our incredible Seniors’ Expo!

If you’re any kind of business, organization or non-profit that caters to seniors, making the choice to come to the Expo is a cinch.

You have the specific, ideal audience, at your fingertips and available, interested, and ready to make connections.

Seniors’ Expo is just one day — Saturday, April 27 — but you’ll get you leads and contacts that would normally take weeks!

Over 2,000 folks walked through our doors last year, and we had 18 sponsors and 61 different booths of all kinds: from businesses, service clubs and faith-based communities!

Not only do exhibitors at our expo get the chance to connect directly with their demographic, but they also have the opportunity to leapfrog off of Unison’s already well-regarded brand.

We loved doing video interviews with all our sponsors last year, giving them the chance to show off what makes them exceptional.

Most of all and most importantly, the connections made at our Expo are first-rate. Cold calls, newsletters, e-mails and social media blasts can’t hold a candle to face-to-face meetings. The people you meet, the business cards you receive and the smiles you witness are bar-none, the best option when it comes to growing your organization.

So, what are you waiting for? Getting a booth at the Unison for Generations 50+ Seniors’ Expo just makes good sense. Contact andresg@unisonalberta.com

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