4 May

I badly needed a job, in a well-heated office!

January 2020 was the fifty-first anniversary of my first and only employment interview for any job. It was an experience probably never to be repeated by anyone as hiring practices have changed so much over the decades. Businesses have indisputably...

7 Apr
Lou Lamy
Featured | Opinion

Lou Lamy and 1st Canadian Parachutes

Lucien “Lou” Lamy was born in northern Manitoba in 1925. He served in the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion in World War Two. Every year, his group of former paratroopers would meet on the anniversary of D-Day in June to commemorate...

1 Jan
Wellness & Healthy Aging

A Carmen Red Jaguar

On a country drive a couple of years ago, I happened along the streets of Blackie, Alberta, searching for photographic opportunities. Glancing down an alley, I spotted the tail end of a Carmen red Jaguar XK-E, a British sports car...