10 Oct

Black Dragon; The First-Born Son

Editor’s Note: This piece is the second detailing author Danny Mark’s struggle with the Black Dragon known as depression.It contains a very raw and vulnerable look discussing familial dynamics. Be advised.To say the least, my relationship with my father was...

28 Aug

Lightning struck

 Sprites, elves, and blue jets. Gnomes, trolls, pixies, blue starters, and upward super bolts! All the ingredients for a good fairy tale or — a bad storm!?! All of these are forms of high-altitude lightning, but the most dangerous for people...

17 Aug

One Hundred and Eleven Days

50 years of history is a long, long time. Most of the historical stories we have covered have gone back into the archives, but this one focuses on something a bit more recent. It is unique because it is the only...

4 Aug

The 1916 Soldiers’ Riot

The White Lunch restaurant occupied the ground floor of the building at 128 8th Ave S.E., (where the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre stands now) with a second location at 108 9th Ave S.W. (near what is currently Banker’s Hall)It was...

31 Jul

Big sister, little sister

For the better part of seven decades, I had a big sister and she meant the world to me.Unfortunately, I lost her a couple of years ago, but not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. We...

14 Jul
Featured | Wellness & Healthy Aging

Be a Good Neighbour

There’s nothing like working in the front yard garden to call the neighbours over. On their way to get the mail or while out walking the dog, they’ll come by to see what you’re doing. Gardening is an easy conversation...

5 Jul

Does Crime Pay?

John Coward was late for supper. This in itself did not worry his wife Gertrude, for Coward was a hard worker who took good care of her and their five children, Evelyn, George Jr. (known as Link), W.W., Harold, and...

31 May


I played my first golf game for 2023 yesterday. While the shots were reminiscent of the previous season, there were two birdies worth reflecting upon.From the tee box on Number 9, a vast fairway lay before me ready to accept...

15 May

Calgary’s Downton Abbey connection

Fans of Downton Abbey no doubt remember Season 4 of the popular show when Rose McLaren was “Presented at Court.” Among the plot lines was the theft of a love letter between the Prince of Wales and his mistress, Freda...

12 May
Featured | Wellness & Healthy Aging

Build your prairie garden

Spring on the prairies is beautiful. Interspersed along clumps of tall and short grasses that undulate in the breeze are bright yellow, pink, and blue blossoms. Then, as the seasons change, the grasses change colour and the flower colour palette moves...