Rob Kelly talks about Unison documentary

Photo by File photo

We know that social isolation and loneliness in older adults is a problem and that it only got worse with the COVID-19 pandemic.

But Unison, for Generations 50+ was there to take a stand and shield our community from the worst effects. Kelly Brothers Production, in part with a grant from the federal government, helped us create this short documentary about why our senior community is so important!

This documentary, available for free on YouTube, premiered last year with its heartwarming story of why community matters: and why our little slice of the world is important to every single person.

Even Rob Kelly, the director and editor of the film, was amazed at the community he discovered here.

“My first impressions were that there was more to the story than, ostensibly, what Kerby was doing for the community,” Rob says. “It was immediately apparent from how trusting people were and how interesting their stories were that there was something bigger and deeper going on.”

“I realized, wait a second. There’s something deeper here about community.”

In the documentary, it’s revealed why community isn’t just a nice thing to have: it’s essential to our well being as humans and social animals.

“I want people to feel and remember that we all need each other,” Rob says, “We can’t survive by ourselves. Community is how we’re wired.”

And if there’s anything he wants people to take away from the film?

“We need each other.”

Thank you to Rob Kelly and everyone else who helped participate in this amazing piece of filmmaking!