20 Dec
Featured | Money

Five steps to stay vigilant against investment scams

In today’s ever-evolving online world, we have become used to the convenience and intuitive experiences available through the internet. While these technological improvements have been game-changers in our daily lives, scam artists are increasingly taking advantage of our comfort and...

18 Dec
Current Events | Featured

Sounds along the railway track

Like so many Canadians, I watched with horror as the weather-related disaster unfolded in British Columbia. They called it an Atmospheric River. This term is new to me but I came to understand very quickly how destructive it can be....

25 Nov

A message from our CEO

There are some things we would rather not know. Our lives are easier that way. Many seniors in Alberta suffer food insecurity — not having reliable access to affordable, nutritious food. Our Food Security Programs offer free food markets, food hampers, frozen...

9 Nov

Doug Lansdell’s farm tractors of the past

One morning a few years back, Phyllis Lansdell looked out the kitchen window of her home in the hills south of Turner Valley. What she saw prompted her to call to her husband, “Doug, somebody has dropped off another tractor.” That...

13 Oct

The ringing of the bells

It is not known exactly when or where the bell was invented, however, bells have been with us for millennia. One of the oldest bells discovered so far is a clay bell and is thought to be over 3000 years...

7 Sep

Alberta’s most colourful mayor

Kerby Centre has recently taken over the operation of the Veiner Centre in Medicine Hat. But less recently — in fact, over 100 years ago — the namesake of the Veiner Centre, Harry Veiner, was born. Harry Veiner was an enigmatic, mountain...

3 Sep

Gold panning for fun — not profit!

I tilt my gold pan and backpan gently, and just where it should be, in the groove of my gold pan, fine, powdery gold has collected along with a bit of black sand. Once again I have found gold.My husband...

25 Aug

A plant you can touch!

Soft and fuzzy, white and green, lamp-ear-shaped leaves are the identifying features of Stachys byzantine, a plant commonly called lamb’s-ears. Having never caressed a lamb’s ear, I cannot vouch for a similar feel between the plant and the animal, but...