17 Dec

Pinball wizardry

My love of pinball all began with Sesame Street. While each episode featured a number and letter of the day, there would be a fun pinball animation for each episode featuring the numbers two to 12 — it wasn’t noted why...

15 Dec
Featured | Money

How financially fit are you?

The New Year has arrived and while health and fitness resolutions easily come to mind, have you considered how financially fit you are? Undue stress from your finances can have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing, but there...

2 Dec
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Let your heart be light

Christmas and the holidays are here. And with it the regular host of events, traditions and festivities.Is what I would be saying if there was anything regular about this year, whatsoever.But we will make do with all the small little...

30 Nov

Making tracks

“Winter’s long. Embrace it, don’t hate it.” Those are the wise words of 64-year-old Andy Dragt, founder of Slow and Steady Hikers in Calgary. Dragt escapes the city as often as he can, even in the winter. I interviewed him over...

26 Nov
Featured | Money

Keeping your investments safe

Investing can be part of a healthy financial future, enabling you to grow your money for retirement and financial goals like vacations or your child’s education costs. Making sure any investment opportunity fits in your financial plan or goals is...

23 Nov

Knitting; a most enjoyable pasttime

A neighbour and fellow knitter asked me to help her out by knitting some premie-baby caps and mittens. I accepted with enthusiasm because I have always loved to knit. Unfortunately, as I began the first cap, I found that my...

5 Nov

A delightful day in Carburn park

Most of our world will not look back on this year with undiluted pleasure. I recall the Queen saying that the year 1992 was her “Annus Horribillis,” and well, that phrase certainly describes 2020. Having said that, are we not...

13 Oct

A great day on the Camino

The first time 70-year-old Ariana Rose Brackenbury walked the Camino de Santiago, there were times when she thought she wouldn’t be able to complete the 780 km trek. But in the end, the excruciating pain of black and blue toes,...

6 Oct
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How to wake up

I’m a black coffee kind of guy. I remember being quite a bit younger and my gruff grandpa asking me if I’d like some coffee with my cream and sugar when I first started drinking the stuff, trying to drown out...