1 Feb
Featured | Wellness & Healthy Aging

Linus and his blanket

The holidays are now long past and we’re full steam ahead into 2021. I know I’m not the only one that’s happy to see 2020 gone and done with, but the holidays always leave trace thoughts with me long after they’ve...

27 Jan
Featured | Wellness & Healthy Aging

Friendship in the modern age

Friends are very special people. Over time, they weave themselves into our lives and become our other family. Sometimes they only stay for a short time, and sometimes they remain in our lives for years, even decades. Friends complete us....

26 Jan
Featured | Money

Top investment risks in 2021

The year 2020 will long be remembered for its challenges. Global crises, like the COVID-19 pandemic, can create great investment opportunities, but can also create emotional and stressful situations that are often exploited by fraudsters looking to scam you out...

11 Jan

Your garden wish book

Do you remember the Sears Wish Book? The arrival of the current issues of garden seed and plant catalogues is just as exciting!  There’s the breathless anticipation of what new and wonderful things are contained inside—eager to crack the catalogue...

5 Jan
Current Events | Featured

New year, old resolutions

Here I go again: another new year but same old resolutions. It’s time to clean house and get rid of things I have hung on to for far too long. It’s time to reduce the clothes in my closet, things...

29 Dec

For auld lang syne?

Should auld acquaintance be forgotAnd never brought to mind? What in gods name does that even mean? The tune and melody are familiar to most who celebrate the New Year, having heard the tune to Auld Lang Syne growing up for decades...

17 Dec

Pinball wizardry

My love of pinball all began with Sesame Street. While each episode featured a number and letter of the day, there would be a fun pinball animation for each episode featuring the numbers two to 12 — it wasn’t noted why...

15 Dec
Featured | Money

How financially fit are you?

The New Year has arrived and while health and fitness resolutions easily come to mind, have you considered how financially fit you are? Undue stress from your finances can have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing, but there...