5 Jan

Here comes 2023, and another New Year

Hard to believe, but here we go again, stepping into the unknown. Is it just me or are these New Year celebrations coming around faster than before?In my younger days, I looked forward to this event. I had a feeling...

31 Jan

A stronger, healthier you

Let’s Make 2022 the year for a stronger, healthier you! This is the first sentence in our information package for our new year-long fitness program; BENEFIT. In 2022 Kerby Centre and Veiner Centre will be unveiling a multitude of new programs,...

23 Dec
Featured | Opinion

We’re supported by folks like you

Two years ago, we thought of Kerby Centre as a place that offered programs and services for older adults. Then March 2020 was upon us and we had to close down Kerby Centre. For almost 50 years, 100 per cent of the...

4 May
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A year of incredible challenges

On the day of Jan. 6, 2020, I arrived at Kerby Centre for my first day of work. I had all sorts of ideas about what my priorities would be as the new CEO for my first 90 days on the...

15 Apr
Opinion | Wellness & Healthy Aging

A grocery conundrum

I was low on the staples — bread, milk, eggs and the like — so it was time to go shopping. There was a time when I disliked this chore but because of these isolationist days, grocery shopping has become...

2 Dec
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Let your heart be light

Christmas and the holidays are here. And with it the regular host of events, traditions and festivities.Is what I would be saying if there was anything regular about this year, whatsoever.But we will make do with all the small little...

28 Oct
Opinion | Wellness & Healthy Aging

You can’t imagine tomorrow

What will tomorrow bring? If you’re reading this, at least a few things can be assured. Probably snow, a little bit of sun if we’re lucky and the Maple Leafs won’t be doing well. A wise man once said that all we’re guaranteed...

6 Oct
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How to wake up

I’m a black coffee kind of guy. I remember being quite a bit younger and my gruff grandpa asking me if I’d like some coffee with my cream and sugar when I first started drinking the stuff, trying to drown out...

10 Aug
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Our most precious water

Water, without a doubt, is the most important element on our planet. It is transparent, has no taste and is made up of the most abundant elements in our universe. Two Hydrogen molecules and one Oxygen molecule join together to...