Celebration in quarantine

Photo by Catrina Berger - Accessed on Unsplash

This year my Birthday was unlike any other Birthday I have ever had. To be honest, I really didn’t know what to expect and I tried my best to keep my expectations low given the current COVID-19 situation unfolding in the world. I found that some of the best things I received were the gift of words. Words of love, encouragement and support. They all arrived in a variety of ways.

I had a beautiful card arrive in the mail from my in-laws, the hand-written note inside I felt was carefully crafted and well thought out. Seeing the extra time and effort put into the card made my heart happy. My Mother-in-Law’s birthday is only a few days before mine, and she fully understood how this birthday would feel different after just going through one herself.  

A friend (who also shares a birthday with me) did a special doorstep delivery of bubble bath and daffodils. I was able to have a conversation from my front step while she stayed in her van parked on the street. It was really wonderful getting the chance to see and talk with her from afar.

I had a phone call from my Mom and Step-Dad, along with text message and social media greetings from friends and family members. I felt very loved hearing and seeing the well-wishes throughout the day.

The most powerful gift I received came from my 11-year-old daughter’s card. In it, she wrote: “Thank you for being there for me when I’m feeling sad and making the best out of every situation.” I got a glimpse of how my daughter sees me and it also confirms that she knows I’m there for her and she knows I’m trying the very best I can each day. What a beautiful gift to receive.

Going forward, if I find myself feeling down, overwhelmed or anxious, I will reflect: “How can I make the best out of this situation?”

I’m trying to be the person my daughter sees me as being. Sometimes the answer is as simple as having a nap, reading a book, turning off social media or the news, spending time gardening and often I find the best thing that brings me joy is helping someone else out.  

Creative celebrations are still continuing around the world while still practicing the art of social distancing. A friend celebrated her daughter’s “Sweet 16” with a “Surprise Drive-By-Parade” in front of their home, complete with a visit from the local Fire Department. Another friend wanted to make her parents anniversary special drove to their home, and had them appear from their upper balcony from their condo and their granddaughter serenaded them with her ukulele and a sweet song. Even actor John Krasinski celebrated “Virtual Prom 2020” on his positive news only web series: “Some Good News.” It allowed High School grads an opportunity to still celebrate their prom in the comfort and safety of their homes.

We are becoming creative and still being connected in the process.

I’ve also seen a variety of other celebrations occurring as well. People singing from balconies around the world, having a “theme day”/event and meeting either from a safe approved distance or meeting through live video stream (Facetime, Skype and Zoom are good examples of this).

There are many different ways to stay connected and share love than ever before. When the world heals and we get through this I feel sharing in-person celebrations with friends and family will feel more special and have a deeper meaning than ever before.

Even though we are apart we can still connect and celebrate.