26 Jan
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What is your love language?

When we find and connect with people the world becomes less lonely and empty. Sometimes it can feel like we are doing all the right things to connect with someone but still aren’t connecting. This could be because we aren’t using...

6 Jan
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Spring into the New Year!

The amaryllis and narcissus were wonderful this holiday season. Lots of bold bloom colours to cheer us up during these dark months. Wouldn’t it be nice to continue the blooming trend and have some early spring colour in our homes?...

29 Dec
Wellness & Healthy Aging

How to cope with winter

One of my favourite things to do in the winter is curl up next to the electric fireplace in nice warm comfy clothes, with a hot chocolate and either read or reflect on my day while watching the flames flickering....

26 Oct
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Grow poppies this season!

This month, many Calgarians will be sporting a red poppy on their coats as a symbol of remembrance. We don’t have fields of them here, but my mother, who spent her childhood in Europe in the 1940s, remembers seeing fields...

25 Oct
Featured | Wellness & Healthy Aging

The mighty and the tiny

From my very first introduction, I have been fascinated by bonsai trees. A Japanese friend’s father cultivated them, and when he realized that I was interested in his bonsai, he went into great detail about how he grew and looked...