29 Sep
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Embracing the colours of fall

If we reflect back to grade school, the colours of fall were orange, gold, red, and orange, orange, orange! Bulletin boards would be covered with orange corrugated paper. Strings of orange, red, and gold leaves would be hung around the...

26 Aug
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Gardening friends and foes

Gardeners can have strong opinions about plants. Often, these opinions have been formed through experience … and more often than not, after waging battle with a plant that thrives where it has been planted—and beyond!If you want to see looks...

12 Jul
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Design your own crevice garden

Gardens in small spaces can be very interesting. Often, for many keen gardeners, there is a gardening evolution that happens in parallel with the stages in one’s life. Usually, early in adulthood, a home with a yard is purchased, and...