23 Mar
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It’s chilly out there!

April is a shoulder month for the gardening season. Some hardy seeds can be planted if the soil can be worked, but the ground in many places may still be frozen. So, what can an eager gardener do to get...

26 Feb
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Get growing for spring!

It’s only days away. I know frost-free days aren’t expected until May. However, mid-March is seed starting time — even if you’re starting yours on a sunny windowsill and not under grow lights.

The sun is much higher in the...

8 Feb
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Your brain needs exercise

I sustained a concussion about 5 years ago, which challenged me and led to some big changes in my life.

Before my concussion, I took my brain for granted. It was only because of my concussion, and the months of recuperation,...

3 Feb
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Gone to seed

Finally, that gardener’s itchy green thumb can get a workout. I know, it’s mid-winter and it will be weeks before we garden outdoors.  However, plants that require a long season to reach maturity need to be started soon. Are you...

1 Feb
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Linus and his blanket

The holidays are now long past and we’re full steam ahead into 2021.

I know I’m not the only one that’s happy to see 2020 gone and done with, but the holidays always leave trace thoughts with me long after they’ve...