26 Feb
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Get growing for spring!

It’s only days away. I know frost-free days aren’t expected until May. However, mid-March is seed starting time — even if you’re starting yours on a sunny windowsill and not under grow lights.

The sun is much higher in the...

8 Feb
Featured | Wellness & Healthy Aging

Your brain needs exercise

I sustained a concussion about 5 years ago, which challenged me and led to some big changes in my life.

Before my concussion, I took my brain for granted. It was only because of my concussion, and the months of recuperation,...

3 Feb
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Gone to seed

Finally, that gardener’s itchy green thumb can get a workout. I know, it’s mid-winter and it will be weeks before we garden outdoors.  However, plants that require a long season to reach maturity need to be started soon. Are you...

1 Feb
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Linus and his blanket

The holidays are now long past and we’re full steam ahead into 2021.

I know I’m not the only one that’s happy to see 2020 gone and done with, but the holidays always leave trace thoughts with me long after they’ve...

27 Jan
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Friendship in the modern age

Friends are very special people. Over time, they weave themselves into our lives and become our other family. Sometimes they only stay for a short time, and sometimes they remain in our lives for years, even decades. Friends complete us....

13 Nov
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Strength in vulnerability

It’s the end of September. 

In a small village in Saskatchewan, the freezing rain and bone chilling wind strike my socially distanced family members as we gather at the graveyard to say goodbye to a very special uncle. 

In it together, but...