9 Mar
Featured | Wellness & Healthy Aging

Cycling with the Old Spokes

It’s a fact one of the most important parts of continued wellness at any age is a level of physical activity.But not only does Calgary’s cold winters make that more difficult, the barrier to entry for anyone starting out feels...

9 Feb
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Taking care of myself

Personal hygiene has always been important to me. Not that I ever obsessed about it, I just want to look clean and tidy. I always kept my spending on cosmetics to a bare minimum; just lipstick and nail polish. I...

3 Feb
Wellness & Healthy Aging

When should you hang up the keys?

One of the most important aspects of aging that older adults seek to hold onto is their independence.

However, there are times when difficult decisions and conversations may be required and independence may have to take a backseat to one’s safety...