12 Jul
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Design your own crevice garden

Gardens in small spaces can be very interesting. Often, for many keen gardeners, there is a gardening evolution that happens in parallel with the stages in one’s life. Usually, early in adulthood, a home with a yard is purchased, and...

24 May
Wellness & Healthy Aging

The case about cataracts

Out of all the physical senses that help us interact with the world, sight is the most important. Many folks take for granted the importance of sight; whether it’s reading road signs or novels, watching hockey or the sunrise, or the...

28 Apr
Wellness & Healthy Aging

Grow what you enjoy!

The garden explodes with growth and colour in May, even if temperatures still dip below zero and cover it with a layer of frost. Garden cleanup is underway. The seeds that should be planted four weeks before the last frost...