Unison’s look back for 2023

Photo by Andrew McCutcheon

It seems like January is a great month to look back at all that was accomplished last year- and to envision what you want to accomplish in the upcoming year.

In my article last month, I wrote about how Unison was offering more and more basic needs support to older adults in Alberta.

I mentioned how our Elder Abuse support had grown in both Calgary and Medicine Hat.
I also mentioned that our Food Security programs had grown in both cities. Another new addition to our services this year is the Wellness Connection Centre.

Unison’s Wellness Connection Centre aims to support the mental, emotional, and spiritual health of older adults. Mental health is vital to full body health and a healthy mind will set up an individual for success in their daily life. This Centre hosts 10 different programs to meet these needs.

The Centre has strong financial support from the Auxilium Foundation, Bell Let Talk and the Hunter Family Foundation.

In Medicine Hat, many of the Active Aging programs and activities are new and evolving but the team in the Hat is also increasing our outreach to older adults. Programs like our new transportation program are part of this outreach. Veiner Vintage Transport is a program funded by Healthy Aging Alberta.

The program is designed to provide transportation to members of our aging community and assist in reducing isolation by increasing access to the community, remaining within the home and supporting opportunities to engage in activities.

For both centres, we are creating new supports and activities.

Over the upcoming year, you will see more online offerings as well as informative content on our website and YouTube channel.

We are looking forward to your feedback and as always I think we have a couple of things rolling out this year that will pleasantly surprise you.