30 Jun

Adult only communities

Throughout Alberta, there are many condominium complexes specifically built and designed for adults.

They are typically apartment and villa-style housing developments.

Residents can enjoy a sense of community with the amenities, community rooms and social activities that many of these complexes offer.


7 Jun

Naming a Trusted Contact Person: Why it Matters

At some point in life, we may experience a decline in health or cognitive capacity that could result in difficulty making financial decisions independently. Unfortunately, relying on the help of family members, caregivers and friends can increase the risk of...

26 May

How are you going to pay?

This is a question that most people consider before spending money on a purchase such as buying groceries, a vehicle or even shoes.  Surprisingly, this is a question that many seldom think about when considering one of the most expensive...

29 Apr
Featured | Money

When is the best time to move?

The real estate market typically heats up during the spring months. In the past, this means more buyers are looking to purchase properties. But wait a minute! Everyone’s situation is unique. Not all homeowners or home buyers pick the spring...

31 Mar

Aging in the “Right” place

The “Golden Years” are how my parents referred to their retirement years. There comes a time in life when we all should be thinking about our future. You might be in the same situation. So often it is family members,...

6 Mar

Seniors tax tips

Seniors: We’ve got tips to help you this tax season!

As a senior, here are some of the most common things that you could claim on your income tax and benefit return at tax time:

Pension income splitting – As a pensioner,...

31 Jan
Current Events | Money

Love in a dangerous (online) time

Love may be in the air in February but so too is, unfortunately, potential danger.

In 2021, Better Business Bureaus (BBBs) across North America received 276 reports of romance scams. One romance scam in the Calgary area (not a senior) resulted...

22 Nov

Recognizing dating site scams

In today’s increasingly connected online world, many Canadians turn to social media to chat with family members, and friends, and to meet new acquaintances or love interests. Sadly, fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated in targeting Canadians who use social media...