Preparing for the Kerby Expo

Photo by Kerby Centre

By the time this article goes to print our team should have finished working on the Kerby Centre Charity Classic — and we should be well on our way to planning our next event: the Seniors Expo.

The Expo is a hybrid event for Kerby. Very few of our members golf in our charity classic — it is not an event that we run for fitness or recreation for our senior population. Clearly, it is a great opportunity for fitness and recreation.

But for Kerby Centre, it is purely and simply a fundraising event.

Our goal is to maximize the net revenue or the profit so that we can use the proceeds can go to expand the programming we do provide for older adults.

As I mentioned, our Expo is a hybrid event.

We do want to raise funds and make a net profit so that we can use the surplus to support programs and services for older adults in Alberta.

Many of the exhibitors support Kerby’s programs by paying for sponsorships and buying advertising in our newspaper and our directories.

However, we want to make the expo interesting for our members and other seniors who may attend. Our team has been busy trying to recruit exhibitors who can help you improve your, health, wealth, happiness, and fitness.

As older adults, an important issue for us is where we will live and spend our retirement years.

Already quite a few of our partners who provide various housing options for older adults have signed up. We are very excited to be able to bring the Expo back to Kerby Centre: “Live and In Person” and I think our team has lined up some really interesting exhibits.

As you can imagine our Kerby Café will have some great specials during the Expo so if you plan to make a day of it — we have got you covered.

Hope to see you out on October 15th.