Muslim seniors sew masks for charity

Photo by Ismaili CIVIC

Daulut Janmohamed, 79, was one of the mask-making volunteers.

Although Seniors Week in June couldn’t be celebrated normally due to COVID-19 restrictions keeping folks indoors and distanced, some unstoppable seniors took the chance to work on charitable efforts to give back to the community.

A group of Ismaili Muslim seniors took it upon themselves to sew thousands of cloth masks, donating them for the continued health and safety of essential service workers, according to a press release from Ismaili CIVIC — an international organization dedicated to demonstrated the Muslim community’s commitment to helping their neighbours and improving quality of life for all citizens.

“I feel it’s our duty to give back to the community and this is a time of need,” said Daulut Janmohamed, 79, who was one of the mask-making volunteers. “I’m happy that I can provide assistance in some way. Not having anywhere to go, sewing keeps my mind alert and puts my hands to work.”

More than 1,000 cloth masks created by volunteers went to a number of local not-for-profit service volunteers, including folks from the Newport Harbour Care Centre, Calgary Interfaith Food Bank, the Mustard Seed, Catholic Family Services and Calgary Immigrant Services. Across Canada, over 10,000 masks were given to various local community groups.

“The generous donation of high-quality cloth masks that Ismaili CIVIC provided us will go a long way to protecting our clients during this time of pandemic,” said Samantha Lowe, health and wellness manager for The Mustard Seed. “Thoughtful donations such as these show how much the community cares about those at The Mustard Seed.”

Over the years, Ismaili communities across Canada have participated in activities such as tree-planting, blood drives, senior care and many more.

According to the press release from Ismaili CIVIC, many seniors in their communities immigrated to Canada seeking a better life for themselves and their families and continue to be pillars of the community with their work and knowledge.