How to enjoy a solo holiday

Photo by Lynda Hinton

We all have incredible memories of joining as family and friends over the holiday season for celebrations big and small.

However, whether circumstance or bad luck, sometimes getting together with others isn’t possible.

That doesn’t mean your holidays are ruined by any stretch: it’s possible to have an enjoyable season regardless of how many people are around, with a bit of thought and effort.

Give a gift to yourself

The holidays are a season of giving after all, so why not give a gift to a person who really matters: you!

There’s always been debate over what’s better — to give or to receive — so combine the best of both worlds by treating yourself.

Whether it’s spending a bit more money on something you’ve put off getting for a long time or even just a small, frivolous treat, just taking the time to self-care and reminding yourself of how worthy of care you truly are, treating yourself will help make this holiday extra special.

Virtual Visits

If your holidays are homebound due to things like inclement weather or illness, virtually attending a celebration is better than nothing at all.

It might not feel the same viewing it through a screen, but smiling, happy faces look the same regardless of how many pixels there may be.

You can set up times over the holidays to have Zoom sessions with family or friends. It doesn’t have to be a long visit, as social batteries can drain as quickly as those on a tablet device, but as stocking stuffers have taught us: sometimes something small can be a true treasure.

If you’re not feeling as confident with your technical expertise, reach out to a close friend or family member to get yourself set-up and ready ahead of time.

A non-profit called CyberSeniors is available as well to assist. They can be reached toll-free at 1-844-217-3057 for technology assistance or for more information, check out

Make a meal

One of the biggest enjoyments during the holidays are the massive, delicious foods that we get to partake in: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and many other classics.

Making such a massive meal for one person seems daunting and wasteful: but there are absolutely other options.

This month the Kerby News has featured several recipes meant for small portions that still include all your holiday favourites — available on page 22.

The internet is also a wealth of information for even more ways to manage our December favourites into more bite-sized meals.

As for delicious holiday baking: go ahead and make that full tray of Nanaimo bars or that big plate of cookies for yourself.

If you’re worried about leftovers, hand out small bags of the baking to trusted neighbours and friends.

Not only do you get to keep some for yourself, but you get to spread holiday cheer and see those smiling faces when you do.

Which truly is the most important part of the season, after all.