A summer of support

Photo by Jixiao Huang

We are excited to have the opportunity to support older adults in Alberta, outside of the city of Calgary. Our team has been working with the staff at the City of Medicine Hat for the past few months. We’re creating a plan to transition the operation of Meals on Wheels, Veiner Centre and Strathcona Centre to Kerby Centre.

Our staff will begin operating these programs this summer. Currently, we are recruiting a new team in Medicine Hat and have been thrilled to have such great applications from many qualified individuals.

As we start reopening the Kerby Centre, we are still offering Zoom Classes and events, helping seniors remain connected and keeping our virtual community strong — even when we can’t be face-to-face.

We have started recording some of these events and posting them on YouTube so that when our community members cannot join us in person at least they can benefit from some of the valuable information. At this point, we have started to build a large collection of videos on a variety of topics of interest to seniors.

If you have not checked out our Kerby Centre YouTube channel, please do as this is one more way we can support seniors. One easy way you can support Kerby is by subscribing to our channel, “liking” or commenting on videos on the site.

Doing each of these things makes it more likely that other seniors will find the content, as interaction and engagement with our videos affect the way YouTube, and Google recommends our videos to other viewers. I hope everyone will be able to soon join us at Kerby and Veiner, but until then please check us out on YouTube and leaves some comments so we know you were there.