A message from our CEO

Photo by Freestocks/Accessed on Unsplash

There are some things we would rather not know.

Our lives are easier that way. Many seniors in Alberta suffer food insecurity — not having reliable access to affordable, nutritious food.

Our Food Security Programs offer free food markets, food hampers, frozen meal and grocery delivery and supportive visits to low-income vulnerable seniors. Many of you probably did not know this. Throughout my career, I have worked with or been on the board of a few domestic violence shelters.

However, before I started working with the Veiner and Kerby Centres, I had never heard of an elder abuse shelter. It made me sad to know such a thing existed or that there was a need for a shelter. The Kerby Elder Abuse Shelter provides a safe place for seniors to call home while escaping financial, physical and/or emotional abuse. The shelter has been running at 99 per cent capacity this past year and we’ve had to turn away 370 vulnerable seniors in need because our shelter was full when they needed a safe space.

This year during our holiday campaign we will be raising money to support vulnerable seniors or older adults who are low income. Our goal is to raise $40,000 and the Theme is:  “Give the Gift of Shelter, Food, and Connection this Holiday Season”. You may have received a letter or in the mail or you may have heard about the campaign on our social media. Please support our efforts in any way you can.

We are encouraging groups or individuals to “Stuff a Stocking” for seniors in need. You can find details about this on our website and our social media.

We know you have all been very generous in supporting our efforts to support older adults in Alberta. We know this year we will be even more successful. Our friends at Global News Calgary are helping us this year to raise money for vulnerable seniors.

This year Global has chosen Kerby Centre as one of four charities of choice for their Month of Giving 2021. Global TV will be featuring what we do to support older Albertan’s on-air and on their website. The last two years have been challenging, but I have a feeling this is going to be a very good holiday season. Best of the season to you and your family, and thanks for being part of the Kerby/Veiner family.